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Classes & Workshops

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"Intuitive Development Circle: Group Practice and Support Workshop" Saturday April 6, 2024

Experience a day of connection, growth, and support in our Intuitive Development Circle workshop. This one-day immersive workshop is designed for individuals looking to deepen their intuitive abilities in a supportive group setting. Join like-minded individuals in a safe and nurturing environment as we explore and expand our intuitive gifts together.

Workshop Agenda:
1. Opening Circle and Introductions: Setting Intentions for the Day
2. Understanding Intuition: Types, Signs, and Importance
3. Group Meditation for Grounding and Centering
4. Intuitive Exercises and Practices for Skill Development
5. Partner and Group Activities to Enhance Intuitive Abilities
6. Sharing and Reflecting on Intuitive Experiences
7. Techniques for Clearing Blocks and Enhancing Intuition
8. Supportive Feedback and Guidance from Peers
9. Closing Circle: Integration and Next Steps

Join us for a day of connection, practice, and mutual support as we come together to strengthen our intuitive gifts and create a community of growth and empowerment.

Reiki Class Levels 1&2 Certification - this is an opportunity not only to open up to your healing abilities, but begin healing others! Learn the Usui Spiritual Healing Method. Special attention to remote/distance healing methods. All classes will be held on zoom. These will not be recorded due to the "hands on" learning process. So its important to attend every class. Classes will be held on Saturdays at (11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm Central, 2pm EST) 11/25 will be off. 

Beginning Mediumship All Day Workshop Saturday 6/17/2023 12pm - 6:30pm EST-

• Open and expand your Mediumship abilities

• Hands on training ​

• Put your skills to the test

• and more!

—Spots are limited to 25 for a more personalized experience.
.*IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE ENTIRE TIME ~ A video recording of each course will be available within 48 hours.

Mediumship Leveling Up Class (5/29/23 -6/26/23) 4pm EDT- This is a 5 week, 2 hour class on Mondays—Spots are limited to 25 for a more personalized experience.
​ •Taking your Mediumship abilities to the next level -This class will benefit those who want to open up their client base beyond family and friends as a working Medium. Develop and strengthen skills put those skills to the test, receive hands-on training and more. This is an intermediate Mediumship class.
This Class that will be offered on Mondays.*IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND ONE OF THE COURSES ~ A video recording of each course will be available within 24 hours.

Upcoming Events

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"A Night of Channeling Loved Ones"
April 22 @8pm EDT

This is a 2.5 hour Live Zoom event During this session, Kevin and Debbie will be open to connect with loved ones who are present and able to communicate. We will begin the evening by "sitting in the power" -- Then we will go directly into answering any Yes/No questions. Everyone gets a reading! During the mediumship time, being that this is a group event, it is not assured that you will hear directly from your loved one. We have found however, that healing can come through someone else’s reading.

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